Saturday, June 7, 2014

1st Operating Session - June 7, 2014

We reached a milestone today on the "Clair" with the first official operating session completed. It was sort of a mini-session to test operating patterns but an absolute success. A few electrical trouble spots and switches that need positive point control (I.E. Caboose Industries ground throws) rounded out the list of issues. Operators for this session included Chris Palmieri, his son, and myself and lasted around 2 hours 15 minutes operating 3 manifests, 1 yard job, 1 local turn, and 1 work train.

Items noted from session:
1. Room and layout can handle 3 operators easily (2 road and 1 yard assignment). I see one more operator and dispatcher in the future. Luckily with sequence operations an operating session could flex from 1 to 5 operators.
2. JMRI-WiThrottle are great with multiple operators and no cords!
3. Bay Yards 6 track setup can and did handle designed work flow. 
4. Layout setup and operation is easily understandable. Station diagrams , timetables, and train job cards help operators navigate layout.

Items to implement before session 2:
1. DTC block signs on layout and update DTC authority cards
2. Create locomotive cards with DCC address and unit details
3. Install industry track at Grays Lake and Buhler so L-GLBU can be operated next time.
4. Install second main track through Bay Yard to give anothe location for online stage / meets.

It was an awesome opportunity to spend a few hours with other modelers from the Fort Worth area building camaraderie and operating our trains.

Chris and his son working the east end of Bay Yard.
Gather and distribution at its finest

MCIS power alongside visiting Natchez Trace & Orient motors. These  custom Atlas motors were done  by Chris for his proto-freelance road that operates from Vicksburg, MS to Presidio, TX via DFW. Looks like MCIS locomotive team request horsepower hours from partner roads to help with power deficit.

Chris working the yard job Y-BA01-07 with his WiThrottle 

Looking forward to session #2.


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  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Looking forward to the next update!