Friday, March 30, 2012

New Motors

This month was also the delivery of two new units for the MCIS. Both units were spotted showing off for employees outside the Bay City Division Offices. Paintshop work orders are in the works and should be off to Fogelsinger Rail sometime in May or June for their coats of blue and yellow.

EMD GP40-2 (4006) Atlas - Silver
EMD SD40-2 (4055) Kato

Motor of the Month (March 2012)

Model:(Athearn Genesis) SD45-2
Built: 1974
Manufacturer: GM-EMD
HP: 3600
PM: EMD 645E3
Fleet Size: 2(4570-4571)
Painted by Fred Fogelsinger (Bay City, Michigan)

Bay Yard Update #2

The month of March has been really busy between military trips, vacation, a wedding, and of course work. But I did find some time in the schedule to make continual progress on Bay Yard. The pictures posted were taken from the 10th Avenue Bridge that crosses over the main and east yard ladder lead between Bay Yard and Chessie Junction. The third picture is taken from light pole in Bay Yard.