Saturday, May 31, 2014

End of May Update

Well June is almost upon us and the capital maintenance gangs are out in full force on the "Clair". This past week the gangs wrapped up laying track on the storage siding between Grays Lake and Buhler. This siding is used for setting out or picking up cars from manifest freights for the Grays Lake Switcher (L-GLBU).

Storage track with cut of cars left by Grays Lake Switcher for pickup.

The gangs were also working on the Upper Huron Wye. Focus for the project was to broaden the curve radius more originally built. While working the west leg, the gangs also rebuilt the east leg including a new switch and lead for the Sugar Beet / Cogeneration plant.

This morning was the first enroute pickup made at Gray's Lake, MI utilizing the new trackwork recently installed. The M-PHBA-31 made the headend fill. 

Everyone have a safe summer, stay tuned for another post next week on Upper Huron trackwork.


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