Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Late 2013 Motive Power Deliveries

The back half of the 2013 year came complete with delivery of 4 modern locomotives to the MCIS roster.

New Builds
EMD SD70ACe (MTH Proto 3.0 Sound / DCC) numbers 7050 and 7051 (7052 / 7053 on order)
  These are the first two of a four unit order that is bringing 4300hp and distributed power capability to the fleet. Units are assigned to the linehaul pool and set up to run as a 8600hp pair in either a 2-0 or 1-1 configuration. With these 2 units online, 4 GP38-2s have been re-assigned into the local service pool.

MTH has done a fantastic job with the details, body / frame, lighting, and sound effects. Looking forward to the next 2 units arriving late 2014.
Detailed, painted, and decaling by Fred Fogelsinger of Bay City, Michigan

  MCIS 7050 and 7051 at Bay Yard after arriving off M-GRBA-31  
                                                                               "Manifest Grand Rapids (Kent Yard)- Bay City (Bay Yard) of 12/31 departure"

Two EMD SD35s that had departed back early in 2013 for 710 ECO rebuilds at the Virginia Midland Shops also returned.

EMD SD22ECOs (Atlas SD35 core) numbers 2290 and 2291.
 These units are based at Bay Yard assigned to the general service pool and have wound up on various locals to Port Belle, Upper Huron, and Mount Pleasant. Operating as a 4300hp pair the have been upgraded with the most modern controls (AESS, roof mounted A/C for those muggy Michigan summers, 710-V8 primemover, and micro-processor).

On the model detail / sound side - Shannon added a GP60 stack, RV A/C, anti-climber, ditch lights, sinclair anteanae, M.U. hoses, snowplow, all-weather windows, horn behind exhaust, plated over the small middle rear fan,and Soundtraxx Tsunami EMD 710 to each engine.

Detailed, painted, decaled, and weathered by Shannon Crabtree. The following link will take you to his blog post about the units arriving and departing from their rebuild.

  MCIS 2290 and 2291 at Bay Yard awaiting on duty crew for L-BAGL-01
                                                                "Local - Bay Yard to Grays Lake Turn or also called The Bagel Job of 1/01 departure"

As you can see from this and other posts I work with two great modellers who I both recommend for detail, paint, decal, weathering work. Any questions on there contact info please leave me a comment.