Sunday, June 9, 2013

Early June Update

How time flies by when you have a 6 month year old, it truly amazes me. This past week I happened to be in Wisconsin on a military planning trip and decided to stop by Madison Hobby Shop in Madison, WI. I attempt to pickup cars or engines unique to the different travels I go on with work and the Air Guard when I have some time off. The item picked up on the trip was a Intermountain Railway HO ES44DC in the Canadian National scheme. Being the MCIS interchanges with the CN at Port Huron complete overhead traffic trains for the Twin Cities via upper peninsula, it only seemed fitting to acquire foreign road power. The motor does not have sound but still the details, lighting, and performance are fantastic. The next ES44 for my CN roster will have sound.

Below are a few pictures taken of the unit on St. Clair Subdivision:

Captured CN 2224 operating as lead motor on the M-BAPH with MCIS 3828 trailing. Quite a short train for Sunday.

Caught the train as it came into Upper Huron passing the northbound wye connection for the Port Belle Sub.

At Grays Lake the M-BAPH takes the main while making a rolling meet with the M-PHGR lead by MCIS EMD SD45-2 4570 in the siding. Construction continues on the small support yard - noted by cork, switches, and company material cars. When operational the yard will have a local based out of it that will work Grays Lake and east to Gerhard and Buhler (staging). Photo taken from M-95 overpass.

Heading back towards Bay City I happened to catch the M-PHGR at Upper Huron heading west after making the meet with the M-BAPH at Grays Lake.

Check back soon for another June update on layout construction.