Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 2013 Update

So it has been a few months since my last post. A lot of work happening on the layout during this time, helping define its purpose and existence in Mid-Michigan.

Motive Power
NRE Genset 3GS21B #2101 returned from Fogelsinger Rail' paint shop. This unit will be tasked with working the L-BABC "Bay City Local". Ironically the first picture shows the unit MU'd with one of roads older motors EMD SD45-2 #4570. On a model railroading I recently attempted my first Soundtraxx Tsunami install with the newly released AT1000 decoder specifically for this genset (Cummins QS19K motor) with Soundtraxx speaker. The sound I feel is a spot on match to the gensets that ply the Fort Worth Terminal Complex on the BNSF Railway. Hear them daily on my lunch break runs to Quiktrip.

Old meet New - 3GS21B and SD45-2

NRE 3GS21B - MCIS #2101

Upper Huron Construction
Yesterday I had 2 hours free so I finished up wiring the wye at Upper Huron Junction. The wye connects the "Port Belle Sub - east fiddle staging" with the St. Clair Subdivision mainline. Since it was a wye, special wiring was required.... In this case a Digitrax AR-1, what a great deal automating the power reversal versus a DPDT switch. Trackwork has some super elevation to help offset the tighter radius which is between 26-28". The wye allows the continuous upper level run to go back down the wye and is a cool operational add. With the sugar beet plant at Upper Huron and numerous trains for the Port Belle Sub this track will see plenty of use. The modeled town of Upper Huron will be a few buildings up against the backdrop that hides the helix interior and fiddle / staging area. The Michigan Sugar - Upper Huron continues to take shape. Recently acquired Walthers kits will makeup the majority of the backdrop industry. More on this industry and its construction later.

Looking east - east wye leg on left / mainline on right. M-54 will be in the foreground going into Upper Huron.

MCIS GP40X #4035 with 5 new Trinity 5161 covered hoppers holding on east leg awaiting DTC clearance onto mainline.

Michigan Sugar - Upper Huron Plant

Grays Lake Construction
Recently a brief demo was completed between Grays Lake and Gerhard to re-align the mainline and passing siding. More pictures to follow once the trackwork is put down, right now road bed is in place sanded ready to go. One section that was improved was the super elevated curve coming off the Quanicassee Creek bridge heading into Grays Lake.

An awesome curve when viewed from track level over by the bridge. Salt mine will be in upper right corner on spur. Town of Grays Lake with be in the lower left foreground.