Monday, July 20, 2015

Mid July Update Part 2

Seeings how considerable progress was made this past week and weekend on thi July's project, thought I would take a few moments and show everyone the progress.

With soldering joints and railroad tie insertion completed, it was time to finish the land contours behind the yard and paint the track.

Tools & Supplies
Tools needed - PPE most important of all!

Painting Concrete Ties Track
Concrete tie rail was painted using Floquil  paint pen (Railroad Tie Brown). The enamel paint pens allow for great control and only get paint on the rail and the top of the tie clip which makes it stand out from the concrete tie.

Adding Terrain Contours
Sculptamold filled the bill to add light but suttle terrain elevations between the track and backdrop. A service road will be located between the elevator spur and terrain.

Painting Terrain Contours
A tan latex paint from the local building store reject rack provides a nice covering over the Scultamold and blue foam.

Painting Wood Tie Track
       View from west end of yard toward mainbody and DSF.

               Main body of yard - DSF foreground

     East end of yard looking west towards main body.

    Photo focusing in on DTC sign for BAY1 block (southern most main) through the yard. Concrete track is BAY2 (nothern most main).

Painting the wood ties and rail consisted of airbrushing a 70% Polly Scale Acrylic Railroad Tie Brown / 30% isopropyl alcohol blend onto track. Once dry I used a track cleaning block to clean the railheads. When painting it was important to tape over the switch points and heels ensuring paint would not get where it impede electrical conductivity. The parts of the switch that will need to be painted will be completed using a microbrush and Polly Scale acrylic paint. In case anyone is curious the material put up to protect the backdrop during the sculptamold and painting process was simply parchment paper and painters tape. Once the painting was complete the material easily pulls out from being the terrain.

This week we will begin adding the base scenery layer on the terrain contours and ballast in the yard. It's amazing what a little paint can do, but adding ballast and other scenic elements will continue to bring more life to this scene.

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  1. Don't forget a little elbow grease for that cleaning block! I also always look for reject paints in my local HD. At .50, it's a great deal for managable sample and there is always some tans on the shelf.