Monday, July 27, 2015

Late July Update - Part 1

The layout has been a beehive of activity this past weekend working on Bay Yard and another unexpected but fun project.

Bay Yard Project
Finally all of the track has been painted and cleaned making them ready for ballast and details. The terrain behind the yard has also received its base Michigan sifted dirt base layer.I hope to get ground foams down this week in conjunction with ballast since this scene will need to done front to back. Look for updated pictures in my part 2 post.

Unexpected Project
During the construction of my model railroad the thought of upper level lighting never really dawned on me, since after all I had a ceiling fan light.... Fast forward to now and well the lighting question has resurfaced. My lower level lighting is complete using LED 3000 kelvin soft white light bars. The intended effect on this level was a shadow box style, and the result matched the intention. The upper level however didn't have a top to create the shadowbox effect like the bottom so things felt "off".

Upper level lighting over Grays Lake

Leading up to this weekend were a book of napkin sketches with concepts to try out. After trial and error the first piece of second level lighting/shadowbox fascia was installed.

It is very lightweight since it's only purpose is holding the led light bars and upper fascia paneling. The core of the piece is Lauan plywood cut into the shape needed with 1x2s used as framework which then is screwed into the backdrop. The light bars are the same as the lower deck bringing consistency. Best part of all is each section will be prefabricated then installed allowing for minimal layout disruption. My goal is testing the concept this month and then building the lighting tops for the rest of the second deck by the end of August to have the layout ready for Octobers operating group day.

Enjoy a few more photos of the install:

View of Cooperative Elevator and Grays Lake.
Cooperative Elevator - Grays Lake, MI

Town of Grays Lake, MI

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