Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Smell of Fresh Paint

While I had planned to post part 2 "Magic Kingdom" tonight from my Walt Disney World Series, I was pleasantly surprised to have the post office make a delivery today.

The delivery was from Fred Fogelsinger who was working on a EMD SD45 to SD40M-2 conversion and paint for me. While the work done was minor in terms of body work it was key in the upgrade.

MCIS EMD SD40M-2 #4059 sits in Bay Yard after being delivered from Fogelsinger Rail Services by LSRC Interchange. The unit will move to the Mt. Pleasant this week for final setup and installation of ditch lights and new snow plow.

Front view of motor showing the headlight plated over in favor of the nose light. Two RV style A/Cs will bring some relief in the humid Michigan summers.

Rear view of unit showcasing the no longer present rear number boards. This is feature that new and rebuilt hood units are receiving.

This units lineage started on the CB&Q followed by BN, SP, and finally NRE. MCIS picked up the unit in 2012 finally making the rebuilt/paint shop in 2014.


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