Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Late February Update - Part 1

Over the past few evenings I have been putting alot of focus on structures for the layout. This particular industry we are going to discuss is kitbashed from Walthers and Pikestuff kits.


Being I model Mid-Michigan having a building products distributor just seemed to be a natural fit and solid decision for an industry.

Using some Bing.com Birdseye views of the BlueLinx facility in Fort Worth, I got some ideas and set forth to create the facility.

Going through the stockpile of unopened and built kits I found what would become the industry basics.

Office - Walthers Magic Pan Kit
Warehouse - Walthers Ethanol Series
Lumber Shed - Pikestuff Retail / Warehouse

Mockup of office and warehouse together.

End of pikestuff warehouse - used top part for lumber shed.

After cutting the end needed side walls for shed. I cut these from the warehouse wall.

A side profile of the BlueLinx lumber shed.

The warehouse was straight from Walthers corn unloading kit, obviously only using some of the walls. Being lumber can be wide I lengthened the width of the roll up door.

Another view after initial construction. Gotta get the roofs cut and a good coat of paint on the structures. 

I plan to use a panoramic of lumber yard behind the shed to help with blending into backdrop.
This industry will be details galore once complete and also the first completed industry.

Stay tuned for more this weekend.


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