Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The L.U. (Laid Up) Line

At one point all locomotives come to the end of their life cycle and end up on the L.U. (Laid Up) Line. It's a matter of what L.U. status the motor gets.

LUGO - laid up good order
LUBO - laid up bad order
LUMO - laid up for modification 
LUPE - laid up pending 
LUFS - laid up for sale

The MCIS had a fleet of 6 (2 modeled) GP30s over the years acquired from various sources and they served their time well in the first generation MCIS paint scheme (1975-1990). As of May 1st the fleet was down to 4 units on the roster. With arrival of EMD SD70ACe's last year, their time became limited in service. On May 16th the engines were pulled from service and are now stored at Mt. Pleasant in LUMO status. Rumor has it they could be rebuilt with 710 V8 prime movers and become GP22-ECOs or part of GP40-2 slug-mate set.

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