Monday, December 3, 2012

Dawn of the Genset Era

Keeping my model railroad up to date is not an easy task, but it does allow me to have constant inspiration from around my surroundings. Part of staying current is motive power. The mechanical department has recently begun a modernization initiative. This program includes adding GPS units, air conditioners, and reflective taping to units.

New additions to the fleet have also been coming from National Railway Equipment. Recently the first 3GS21B from Atlas Trainman arrived, but is currently off at Fogelsinger Rail being painted.

A unique program for modernizing the SD35 fleet has also been implemented with two directions being taken. Two SD35s are currently being converted to 3GS21C's without dynamic brakes as noted by the photo below of the unit at Bay Yard on its way to Fogelsinger Rail for painting.

The other SD35s will be converted to SD22ECO's that will utilize a NRE genset style cab with a EMD 8 cylinder 710 engine.

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