Monday, September 21, 2015

Upper Huron Wye

After a lot of trial and error the Upper Huron Wye was finally completed correctly. 

Former right of way removed - ready for new cork roadbed. The new track is a flex track book ended with 22 radius Atlas sectional curves. This combo allows for smoother track curvature. Adding to prototype operations 6 axle locomotives and 89' cars are restricted from operating on the west leg but can operate with the east leg. Any large equipment move out of Bay City (Bay Yard) would require runing east past Upper Huron to Grays Lake, making a run around move with power, then procede back west to utilize the east leg heading towards Port Belle. The reverse would be required on the return trip.

New roadbed and track installed. MCIS 3823 (EMD GP38-2) idles on the new west leg that curves north towards Port Belle.

Overall View of both levels in this layout area. These two signatures layout elements help tell the story of the St. Clair Sub (Crossing Saginaw River) and (Branch to fictitious town of Port Belle)

Not only does the wye provide access to the Port Belle Sub, but it also provides a way to turn power or railcars if necessary. This feature will be put to good use by the weekly coal train that visits the Thumb Electric Cooperative Co-gen plant at Upper Huron. (Train seen crossing Saginaw River in photo above).


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