Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mid August Update

Well other than my Wednesday posts its been almost three week since my last update. During this time the layout has seen a flurry of activity working to complete lighting, fascia, and ballasting progress.

Let's take a look at the progress which should be 95% complete by next week (not ballast part).

My August 4th post I had showcased some of the new upper level lighting added along with a similar valiance giving the upper and level decks a consistent layout. 
                   Upper Huron

                       Grays Lake


Fascia Panels
Some of the layout sections were missed fascia panels this past week we remedied this problem adding panels to parts of the upper and lower deck.
   Quincassee Creek Bridge (fascia added)

          Bay Indusrial Spur (fascia added)

Finally completed the fascia at Gerhard with Blue Point Turnout controls.

Ballasting Progress
While I may have been a little ambitious about ballasting Bay Yard in the month of August, the process has begun so we are going to enjoy the journey. Ballasting for me is very relaxing so I try to work a little section every few days.. Slow but steady.

         East end of yard getting rock 

  Conductor vantage point of "BAY2" mainline at Bay Yard. The concrete flex track expansion here turned out well.

A lot of great things happening on the layout, stay tuned for updates next week.


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