Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Musings

While working on the layout this evening I found a great photo angle looking from east staging (inside helix) towards the station of Gerhard, Michigan.
This is east end mainline switch where the "GERH" DTC block ends and the "GRAY SDG" block begins on the diverging side of the turnout. The "GRAY" block begins just beyond the station on the straight portion of the switch. The track at left in the foreground is a upper level continuous run, but during an ops session it doubles as a long lead track for the local road switcher that works Gerhard / Grays Lake.

Closer view of main and siding at Gerhard. CN overhead train Z-BKPH-27 led by CN2224 holds the main, while M-BAPH-28 is parked on the siding. Both trains are holding for a maintenance window to wrap up near Kincaid (offline).

Closeup of these modern motors with downtown Gerhard in the background.

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