Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Early June Update

June has been busy to say the least as we just welcomed our daughter into the world.... So with that being said not a lot has been completed on the layout in terms of projects, but we can talk about what's on the workbench right now slated for completion.

Recent trackwork now allows certain 6 axle power on the West leg of the Upper Huron wye. After finishing breakfast at Lacey's Place in the photo I was surprised to find MCIS #4059 (SD40-2M) lead on M-PBBA-09 at Upper Huron. Another item to note is the water tower the township just built. 

Proto 2000 GP38-2 sound install 
Units MCIS #3827, #3833
  -Soundtraxx TSU-1000 EMD 645 non-turbo
  - Railmaster DS1425-8 Speaker
  - Soundtraxx Currentkeeper
  (Future Layout How to #2) June
Bay Yard Background & Scenery
  - Sceniking Backdrop Kits
  - floral foam / Sculptamold for terrain
  - real dirt base material from Michigan
  (Future Layout How To #3) July
Lakes Building Products 
  - Complete building kitbash
  - Add finished pavement for industry
  - Detail scene
  (Future Industry Spotlight #01) August

A lot of great projects in the works which make for some great content on the blog which I hope will either inspire or help you the reader complete a similar project. 

Not wanting to leave you empty handed this post, here are few pictures from around the layout showcasing the Sceniking backdrops that I have installed. 

As I work projects in these areas the scenery will blend with backdrops but until then the backdrops help bring location and time to the pink foam layout... Maybe somewhere in there a video may surface on my YouTube channel showcasing a tour of the layout. My wife got me a tripod for my iPhone so feeling dangerous on the movie making for the blog.

East end of Saginaw River swing bridge looking upriver towards Bay City and Essexville which are around the right bend. 
Corn field along right of way between Gray's Lake and Gerhard. Eventually the Busch cornfields will blend in foreground with backdrop.
Looking down Main St. in Gerhard, the mainline continues off layout to the right and goes into East Staging. Still alot of work to get the right effect but off on the right foot.
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