Monday, July 7, 2014

Michigan Interstate Map

Over the course of this blog I had spent a great deal of time talking about the Michigan Interstate Network but never provided any map references. Well I present to you the network map.

The Michigan Interstate Railroad is a Class II regional system operating 1,050 miles in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Making up the network is three divisions; Two Lower Peninsula (Grand Rapids / Bay City) and one Upper Peninsula (Northern). Primary overhead traffic service lanes look like a "Y" funneling traffic between Chicago / Fort Wayne / Toledo interchange to Port Huron (Lower Peninsula) and Sault Ste. Marie / Superior, WI (Upper Peninsula) gateways. Beyond overhead traffic the railroad hosts numerous on-line customers supporting the automotive, agricultural, aggregate, chemical, forest / paper product industries.

Modeled Portion
The western end of the St. Clair Sub from Bay City to the green dot (Grays Lake, MI) is what I am modelling. This is a completely proto-freelance railroad that ties into the existing 2013 Michigan Rail System. Rail lines used by the MCIS come from a fictional history of either being constructed by former predecessor roads and or acquisitions during the great spin-off / abandonment time in the 70s thru 80s.

Any questions please feel free to ask - I am working to create a subdivision map that also shows the history / evolution of the network.


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  1. Greg,

    You're off to a great start! Being able to see the entire system is extremely helpful in understanding some of the train symbols. I'm anxious to see how the subdivision map comes together!

    Tom Patterson