Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mid-April Update

Quick update on the trackwork being completed at Buhler. 

Roadbed has been installed for the mainline, passing siding, and storage siding. Beyond Buhler in East Staging roadbed work has also been completed for the connection to staging and continuous run / Upper Huron North wye track. The last two nights have been spent sanding the cork to ensure smooth transitions and level surfaces.

The main will consist of concrete flex track and the passing / sidings will be standard Atlas code 83 flew track.

My goal will be to get the mainline this week - stay tuned more updates to follow.

Looking down at Buhler - back to front mainline, passing siding, industry spur.

Tracklevel view from east staging looking into the station of Buhler.

Viewing the workarea facing west - we can see right to left the main, siding, industry track / storage siding.

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