Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mid-April Update 2

As promised I wanted to keep up on my updates as track goes in the upper deck at Buhler. Made great progress yesterday and I wanted to share the just a few photos of the almost end result.

Great progress has been made in the past few days - the switches in the background and foreground on the passing siding and "Long Lead" are installed along with the flextrack on the "Long Lead with connects as the continuous run for the upper deck.

Cab view of the switches - the connector track between the mainline and passing siding switch still need to be connected and is currently held in place with the red thumb tacks. Concrete flex track on the main will be installed tonight getting rid of the "kinked" looked that you see in the photo.

Weekly Ops. photo showing off one of the many fleet workhorses. Stay tuned; next week for a post about the EMD SD40-2 fleet.

M-BAPH-22 (manifest train Bay City to Port Huron of 22nd) led by EMD SD40-2 4052 and EMD SD45-2 4571 holds the main at Grays Lake awaiting the U-MYPB-21 (unit train Marysville to Port Belle of 21st) to clear the east wye switch heading back for another aggregate loadout.

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