Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Maintenance Window

Had some time this evening to complete a few outstanding trackwork projects.

#1 complete filler track and roadbed support for Saginaw River swing bridge. This consisted of filling in the permanent pieces of track for each of the approaches leading onto the bridge. I have it setup as one solid piece so I can remove the bridge to complete the scene or do maintenance.

M-MCBA-31with MCIS 7051 on point crosses the Saginaw River Bridge just a mile from its final destination Bay Yard.

#2 Complete lower level lift out section. This piece consists of around 50% of the west yard ladder. 
Looking west from yard ladder, the river bridge is just to the left of the photo. To the right will be Bay Industrial Spur which is accessed by a switch located to the right of the bridge.

Looking east towards Bay Yard.

Left to right tracks: main, yard 1, yard 2, yard 3, west ladder which goes to yard 4 thru 6 and diesel service facility.

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