Saturday, February 15, 2014

38 Special

Inspired to talk more about the fleet, I thought it would be fitting to start with my largest model (by numbers).

EMD GP38-2
   Mackinaw Bridge Transfer Co. (MCBT)
   3801 - 3809 (9 units)
   Modeled: none
   Assigned to "Upper" sister road
   (More on this carrier in another post)

   Michigan Interstate Railroad Co. (MCIS)
   3810 - 3835 (26 units)
   Modeled: 3810, 16, 23, 28, 29, 33

My model railroad of the MCIS began with 3 Athearn blue box engines 10, 16, and 23. These represented many first milestones for me in the hobby back over a decade ago.
  - Proto-freelance focus
  - DCC conversion (Atlas at the time)
  - Custom Rail Graphics decals
  - Custom paint scheme

Since these firsts I have seen my locomotive fleet grow to over 20+, converted to Digitrax, and changed from Floquil to Scalecoat for the paint scheme. These engines first had the clip on decoder but I soon realized that a complete A-Line power kit, better lighting, and hard wired decoder were necessary. Keeping with my modern era the engines received yellow reflective decals and will soon be equipped with RV style A/C's. With SD70ACe, 45-2, 40-2 and GP40-2 models holding down the road pool, the 38-2s find themselves in the general pool assisting wherever power is needed on the railroad. During 90 day inspections of the higher horsepower engines it's not uncommon to see a trio or quartet leading a manifest or through freight. (Last post had a prime example of a trio subbing in).

MCIS 3828 was another Athearn blue box I discovered a year ago and had fully rebuilt but with a Soundtraxx Tsunami decoder. 

MCIS 3829 and 3833 are Proto 2000 engines. Currently 3829 is enroute to Fogelsinger paint shop to trade in its former Santa Fe warbonnet scheme for MCIS colors.

Side profile at Bay Yard showing 5 of 6 modeled units.

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