Friday, December 27, 2013

Saginaw River Bridge Part 2

I wanted to focus on getting one particular scene of the layout completed and considering its a layout design element or LDE I decided on the Saginaw River Bridge Scene.  

December to do tasks:
- Cut in foam terrain and weather bridge abutments
      (A.I.M. Products Abutments for Central Valley Bridge)
- Assembled the two kitbashed bridge 1/2s into one solid structure
      (Atlas Code 83 Truss bridge - 2 kits + Plastruct parts)
- Built the center bridge pedestal
      (PVC drain cover wrapped in Chooch Flexible Stone Wall)
- Painted Foam Core base that will be the "river" - Installed the backdrop - cutoff the sky
      (Sceniking - Eagle Lake Scene)

                                                   Roughing in the bridge and abutments

                                                               Riverbed masterpiece

To the left and below are progress photos as of this point - we threw in a few Timberline Scenery Trees to see how they would look to get an idea. As this bridge crossing models an active river that is transited by "Lakers" off the Great Lakes you can see the background river and shoreline in both views. 

January to-do tasks:
- Put up clear styrene along backdrop for resin dam
- Scenic around river (ground, trees, etc)
     (Transition to west staging)
- Add wood piers to river for bridge safety
-  Finish detailing and paint / weather bridge
- Scenic river (riverbank talus / rip-rap)
- Set and seal iver bed for resin pour
- Pour "Magic Water"
- Install bridge structure with rail track
    (Removable for maintenance of area)

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