Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013 Arrivals

So what did Santa bring this year..... 5 rail cars actually, caught all of them on December 27th, 2013 already in service at Upper Huron, MI heading east toward Port Huron, MI / Sarnia, ON on the M-BAPH-27

 Athearn Genesis 57' Mechanical Reefer (with Soundtraxx) in BNSF marks
   - What an awesome addition, the dimension that the reefer unit sound provides is a nice change compared to what we are use to hearing from our diesels. I look forward to seeing if any of the other manufacturers release the larger 64' Trincool reefers with sound.

These units in prototype service have been retired from the BNSF at current press so its safe to say a patch job may be in the works to make it a "Cold Train" NRDX car.

Atlas Type 10 and 20 Saddle 20,700 Gallon Non-Insulated Tank Cars in GATX marks
   - These cars will be in service moving raffinate by-product from the sugar beet production process.

Intermountain Railway Trinity 19,600 gallon Tank Car in TILX marks
   - Car will serve in molasses or corn syrup service depending on leasee.

Walthers Trinity 6351 4-Bay Covered Hopper
   - Car is leased by Saginaw Valley Sugar Cooperative for Sugar Beet Pulp Pellet service.

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