Thursday, February 2, 2012

Layout Update

Here a few pictures of the work that has been happening around the layout recently. From the photos evidence of foamboard, fascia, backdrop, and lighting installation seem to be well at hand.

The first picture was taken from the french doors walking into the room looking to the right which will feature local Bay City industries and Bay Yard creating the focal point for the layout.

Picture number two is looking at the same area on the main deck but from the back of the room looking towards the door. Under Bay City and Bay Yard is a 4 track staging yard capable of holding around 50-55 cars or in my case 3 manifest trains and 2 locals. Below the staging yard are two four drawer storage cabinets from IKEA that I use as off layout staging / storage. My Digitrax Zephyr and PR3 sit on a pull out shelf about the cabinets.

This last picture is from the center of the future helix facing towards Bay Yard and the computer desk. The helix once constructed will be accessible from the inside via duckunder. Behind the unpainted backdrop is a 4 inch gap which houses the 2.5% grade two and from lower level staging.

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