Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bay Yard Update

Having a few days off, figured I would showcase some of the work being done on Bay Yard. This really is the focal point of the layout as all traffic flows through it. By the numbers the yard will have six body tracks which can be used for anything from classification to arrival/departure, a throughfare track, and engine servicing top it off. By design it can be switched from both ends since it has double ended capability, but the east end has the longest lead to work with.

Looking west from the start of the East yard ladder. The super reefer is spotted over at BayView Fresh Foods.

Left to right (switch at DSF, tk 7, tk 6, tk 5, tk 4, tk 3, tk 2, tk 1, main, and Bayview Foods siding)

Looking east towards yard - tracks in foreground are switch to North Spur off main line veering to the left, and right switches are the beginning of the West yard ladder. The piece they are sitting on is removable to access the room.

Another picture of the West yard ladder just this side of the DSF.

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