Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mid July Update

Did not think I would be publishing a Mid July progress post, but after doing work last night on the Lakes Forest Products spur I had the momentum to continue working on the east end of Bay Yard heading eastbound.

Signals will be installed at the "BAY" AEI reader site.

Area Refresh
Just like when Walt Disney World "refurbishes" rides with new additions, enhancements, or fresh paint the same applies for model railroads. The area around Lakes Forest Products was the first on the layout to receive scenery a few years ago. Since its creation there has been a lot of new scenery products that I wanted to introduce in this area. Icing the cake was the need to cutout scenery for the ABS signal masts and bungalows that will be joining the railroad shortly.

Contractors clearing the vegetation and excavating for the signal foundations.

Site excavation cleared, engineering dumped in fresh ballast for the area.

Signal site - timbers will be added to support the terrain on three sides of the sites.

In addition to adding the signal sites, engineering took the opportunity during the MOW window to dump fresh ballast from the east yard lead up to the "EDSE" DTC block sign. 

Ballast work on east yard lead and mains.

Ballast glued down - SuperTrees and static grasses will be added this week.

Signal installation at this site is expected to begin first week of August.

Lakes Forest Product
Circled back on this industry over the weekend. I had originally hit a road block with the pavement for the customer. After trying different mediums I settled on the Busch flexible asphalt sheet. Of course not before messing up at least two rolls.

Pavement installed on the mark this time.

Once the pavement was installed it was time to plant the facility and blend it in with surrounding scenery.

Sculptamold used to blend industry with scenery

Dirt mix wetted and glued down, a little dark but should lighten some once dry.

Overall view of the dirt over Sculptamold. Ground foams, grasses, and bushes will be added over the week.

Later this week with everything dry I will spray the asphalt material with a thinned Acrylic mix to help weather it.

Wrapped up for the weekend. Existing scenery refreshed, ready for new material and trees.

It was amazing what I got complete during four hours over two nights, always pays to have different types of projects "Shovel Ready". This scene has been given and prepped for updated look, paired with new materials it will look great for years to come.


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