Saturday, January 30, 2016

Late January Update

January is coming to a close, and just like that we are moving full tilt into 2016. It feels like jut yesterday we were closing out 2015. While I did not get quite the progress on my farm field scene I had hoped, the month was a lot of fun with new equipment, scenery tests, and OJL Ops Session.

Equipment Arrivals & Departures
Modeling 2010-current is very enjoyable because you have the ability to look out your window and see the prototype in regards to equipment, right of way, and industries. However being true to modern day, that time comes when cars and their useful life in my era pass on. After my last operating session I studied the roster looking for railcars that are not very common in 2015.

The four cars above while plausible to be in service around 2015 fit more into the 1990s or earlier era. 

But an opportunity to trade these cars to another layout set in an earlier era appeared. It happened this modeler also had equipment that were two modern for his 1990s layout.

In short order five older cars were traded for these two ExactRail high-cube boxcars. These will fit in quite nicely.

Scenery Concept Tests
One part of my farm field scene will consist of soybean fields. After reaching out to a very well known modeler on the technique he used to create soybean crop rows, my son and I jumped into testing out the technique before creating the field.

- Green Pipe Cleaners
- 3M Super 77 spray
- Noch Leaf Flake (Color depends on season) - we are modeling summer green.

I was impressed with the results. These will look real good once scaled up to farm field size.

The plan is to tackle the farm field scene in February.

Oregon Joint Line
Wrapping up the month, I had the opportunity to attend an operating session on Dean Ferris's Oregon Joint Line and work the role as dispatcher.

Looking into the layout room. Town of Silvies on the right and Fossil on the left.

Plenty of track warrant copies - we issued 18 via internal phone system for this three hour session.

The dispatcher dry erase board used to keep track of authority limits issued. Dean had attended my Q1 session, and after seeing my DTC board decided to implement a similar setup. It worked without a hitch. 

            Layout map and train lineup.

More photos just because this layout is awesome to operate and railfan on.

                     Picture Gorge 

Looking south towards Monument and the Hines Papermill

        More Silvies yard looking south

Around the bend at Fossil looking towards the diamond between the OJL and O&NE. 

Yours truly using sizing up the N scale BLMA radio tower at Silvies. I plan to use either N or Z scale towers for my gps-dtmf wayside stations.

Amherst Train Show
While I did not attend the Amherst show, one of the regular St. Clair Sub operators did. 

While there I asked him to get a photo or two of Mike McNamara's Woodsville Jct. module.

   Delivered as promised - thanks M.T.

Social media does bring the show to life a little more as just minutes before M.T. sent this CN lashup photo, Mike McNamara had posted a video of the same consist rolling through the Woodsville Jct. Module. Not to mention the engines are in the module photo prior to consisting. Provided is a link to Mikes blog tbt post about the module.

Have a great weekend - stay safe!


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  1. Nice update. Glad your buddy got to see my module and snag you some photos. The CN units belonged to my friend who assisted with setup and operations during the show. He has quite a stable of CP/CN power, and nicely weathered freight cars too. I'll have photos I took posted on my blog soon.