Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mid May Update

May has been flying by and I wanted to provide an update on the St. Clair before June gets here. Along with working on the 40 year evolution of the MCIS diesel roster this past week, there have been a few other happenings worth mentioning.

MCIS meets Youtube
Through fellow modeler Chris Palmieri we were able to upload three videos up on his YouTube channel showcasing the last ops session. These videos really help bring another dimension to the MCIS storytelling, and there is a lot of plans in store for future videos. Additionally I did start a YouTube channel of my own, no videos of my own yet..... but I have begun subscribing and sharing some great model railroad content already out there. 

Motive Power
No new acquistiins for the foreseeable future, but EMD GP38-2 #3827 just retuned this past week from Fogelsinger Rail Services in a repaint of the current phase II scheme. The motor will move to Mt. Pleasant shop for setup and completion of dash 3 electronic before returning to service. Expect a post on this engine and Soundtraxx sound install in early June.

Work to install Sceniking backdrops and more scenery along the east end of Bay Yard has been made some progress this weekend. Provided above and below are a few snapshots of the new backdrops, stay tuned for the final product which should be complete for the Late May update.

Photos didnt turn out to bad for being with layout lighting and an IPhone 6.


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