Monday, January 5, 2015

Layout Panoramic Views

As promised on my post yesterday I wanted to showcase the entire layout room. Just recently I realized my iPhone 5 could take panoramic pictures..... neat lets give it a shot. The photos are a good bookmark on current progress and it will be neat to compare them with future progress panoramic views.

Lower Level (L to R = West to East)

L to R - West Staging entrance, Saginaw River swing bridge, Bay City, liftout section (Bay Yard west yard ladder)

L to R - Bay Yard (6 yard tracks, 2 DSF tracks), West Staging (located underneath), East yard ladder

L to R - East yard lead, Lake State connector (behind lumber wholesaler), M-13 overpass, helix entrance 

 Upper Level (L to R = West to East)

L to R - Exit from helix, Upper Huron, Port Belle Sub wye, Sugar plant spur, East Staging (behind backdrop panel)

Quanicassee Creek, Grays Lake, Grays Lake Industry Spur

Grays Lake Siding, Gerhard, East Staging entrance

Everyone have a safe week.


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