Thursday, November 6, 2014

Early November Update

Over the past week the east end of Bay Yard has begun to take on its own identity with basic scenery installed.

The wet/wet process continues to be a great straight forward method, as long as you have your materials ready to go. Working in two foot sections progress can be scene right away!


                                     Overview of work area

The ballast being used is Smith & Sons #50 limestone in light and dark shades. This material is real rock and great to work with, even though this is technically n scale ballast I like the finer grain.

Lakes Forest Products
This is the first customer in place ready for full scenery. Centerbeams and double door boxcars will frequent the facility so solid pavement for unloading was needed. This particular scene I used Busch's flexible pavement adhesive roll. After templating with paper I cut the sheet, removed the backing, and pressed it into place..... If only gift wrapping was this easy....

I need just a bit more of the material to complete the pavement between the mainline and siding. 

Stay tuned for another update this weekend!



  1. Looks great Greg! It's really starting to come into it's own.

  2. Thanks Shannon, appreciate the encouragement and inspiration.