Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mid October Update

This past week I have made alot of progress toward getting scenery installed on the east side of Bay Yard. Track in this area has been painted so onto scenery we go.

Here is a quick overview of the layers that compose the scene.
- 1st layer pink extruded foam
- 2nd layer sculptamold painted lt. brown
- 3rd layer sifted Michigan dirt
- 4th layer scenic materials (coming soon)

                                                                View east towards the helix.

                                View west from highway bridge. 
The spur to the right with the boxcar is Lakes Forest Products. Customer receives inbound lumber and building materials.

The dirt comes directly from my grandparents property in the lower peninsula 80 miles or so north from where I model so it's pretty accurate. The material was sifted twice to get the size I needed.

                                           Early progress with background covered in dirt.

                                                West towards Bay City / Bay Yard.

                                            (L to R) Main #2, Main #1, East Yd Lead

Along with this work on the lower level, I have been installing backdrops on the upper level. Currently mocking the Bush corn kits against the Sceniking Corn Belt series backdrop kit.

Additionally installed the backdrop for the town of Buhler, Michigan which is at the entrance to east staging. 

So far I like the visual depth and effect but it will need more work. Opinions anyone on the initial concept? I know lighting is not very good, that will be changing soon.


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