Monday, August 25, 2014

Following the Sugar Turn

While work continues on the layout, I figured it was good to show one of the locals that defines operations.

L-BAUH "Sugar Turn"
Local Switcher Bay Yard to Upper Huron

Purpose of this local is to serve two customers at Upper Huron: Michigan Sugar and Saginaw Valley Co-generation.

Lets follow along for a normal days work.
MCIS 4035 (EMD GP40X)
2 Loads 
  2 coal hoppers for Co-gen
2 MTY 
  1 Molasses tank car
  1 Beet Pulp covered hopper
  1 Shoving Platform

Departing Bay City - Bay Yard 

Heading under M-13
Passing the "Begin EDSE" DTC Block sign, the local has the road until reaching Upper Huron. 

Arriving at Upper Huron 

Rumbling across Main Street in a blur the local is no doubt on the move.
In the background you can see the east leg of the Upper Huron Wye.

Shoving platform MCIS 31 brings up the rear. Since the wye is currently out of service the turn heads east to Grays Lake and makes a run around then returns utilizing the west leg to access its customers. 

Working Customers

Making the run around move and returning to Upper Huron, the turn prepares to pull the outbound and then spot the inbound. 

Returning home at Upper Huron

Work events and air test complete the turn has shoved back onto the main and begins the journey west to Bay Yard.

Arriving at Bay City - Bay Yard

Sugar Turn arriving back - the 3rd trick yard job using a venerable EMD MP15DC (Y-BA03) idles in the foreground. 

Returning back to Bay Yard the local operated with a little more tonnage.

3 Loads
  1 Molasses tank car
  1 Beet Pulp covered hopper
  1 Sugar Airslide
   3 coal empties

The Y-BA03-25 will sort the cars for outbound movement later tonight. 


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