Tuesday, March 25, 2014

East Yard / Helix Entrance

Last night was spent working on the east  side of Bay Yard where the yard lead and mainline come together before heading up the helix.

This area has been in flux between having a double track at grade crossing with Lake State railway or not modeling the diamond and instead focus on the connection track that also is used for continuous running on the lower level.

Looking west toward Bay Yard we see the main split to the yard lead on the left and main to right.

Same spot now looking east where the main disappears into the helix. Soon foam will be built up on both sides to help transition the track out of sight with a tree line.

Looking west again with the yard lead on left and main on right. Visible in the upper right hand is the "Essexville connector" track which is used simulate pur connection northward to Essexville and the Lake State Railway. I had originally planned to put in the diamond where the main is currently disconnected and run it into the background on the helix as Simulated crossing, but would a railroad have a diamond on a yard lead? CP and BNSF have a diamond at La Crosse, WI which in this case is located right on the east yard lead almost with the same layout. Then again maybe the fact of Atlas Code 83 65 degree crossing shortage at local hobby shop is driving my decision..

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